Bad credit is expensive. Especially when you consider that it might be keeping your interest rates high, disqualifying you for new lines of credit, possibly disqualifying you from renting a place, and even hurting future employment opportunities. Add it all up and the price of credit consulting is suddenly a small price to pay for the chance to achieve your dreams. Head Start Biz Solutions will help you back on the path to good credit.

We provide 3 different strategies towards attacking your situation that are also displayed on The most important factor to consider is time frames in accomplishing your objectives. Below are the different paths that we offer.

Monthly Plan – Clients enrolled in our service who are diligent about sending in their credit reports see more than one-quarter of their presenting negatives deleted within the first 60 days. Within the first year, those same clients see about 85% of their negative credit items removed. The cost for initial analysis and incorporating you into our software is $199. Then followed by a $59 monthly fee. A personal login is provided and the “Client Login” link on makes your account easily accessible at all times to see the changes that are taking place.

T.B.D. Plan – This approach is more aggressive and looks to remove all negative items with a 6 to 8 month time frame. It stands for “To Be Determined”, meaning we will need to review a full tri-merged report showing all 3 major credit bureaus. After assessing your file we can establish a specific rate based on the amount of workload required. We have a 3 tiered system and pricing ranges from $600 to $1,800.

Fast Track Plan – In our fast track program we fight to remove all negative statements against you within 4 months. In order to do so we have to commit more time, energy, and focus towards your file. For this reason the cost in this approach is $2,999.

You do have rights and certainly the right to argue against what is reporting or not reporting. Head Start Biz Solutions looks to make you aware of what these rights are and also inform you on how to manage moving forward. As a prime example, being declined a loan and continuing to reapply everywhere can cause long term effects that keep you further and further from your goal. It’s important to know what is on your report, how to read it, and how lender’s look at it to determine qualification or not.

In order to see your tri-merged report please visit www.identityiq.comThis is a soft pull and will not reflect a hard inquiry on your credit report. It is only $1 for a 7 day trial. We will require that this account is kept open should we start working on your credit profile. This turns into a $24.95 monthly fee, outside of our control, but does provide many features for your benefit.

Please be sure to fill in the “FREE Assessment” form and we will be back in contact with you shortly and be sure to assign you a personal consultant to help you through the process.