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Bad credit is expensive. Especially when you consider that it might be keeping your interest rates high, disqualifying you for new lines of credit, possibly disqualifying you from renting a place, and even hurting future employment opportunities. Add it all up and the price of credit consulting is suddenly a small price to pay for the chance to achieve your dreams. Head Start Biz Solutions will help you back on the path to good credit.

We provide 4 different strategies towards attacking your situation. We do have a couple of requirements for working with us so let’s cover that first.

1. You must have access to a computer or a phone. You can access all activity and see exactly where you stand by logging in to your portal. This is also where you can upload any documents that are received in the mail from statements sent. You will need to take a pic or scan and then upload into your portal. We do not allow clients to mail us or drop off their replies at our offices. In the portal we can easily monitor, track, and take immediate action to ensure the best results.

2. You must maintain an account on www.identityiq.comThis is a soft pull and will not reflect a hard inquiry on your credit report. It is only $1 for a 7 day trial. We will require that this account is kept open while working on your credit profile to see updates on a monthly basis. This turns into a $24.95 monthly fee, outside of our control, but does provide many features for your benefit such as identity theft protection. This is the only account that will sync with your portal.

Find the option that works for you.

Monthly Plan – This service was built for the extremely price conscious client. It is $299 for a proper analysis and getting setup in our system. It then goes to an $89 monthly fee to stay in the program and keep your access. Depending on the number of negative items being reported, every item may not be addressed all at once. Our letters to the credit bureaus are sent first class and/or certified mail so there is a limit to how many can be sent out based on a small $89 monthly fee.

Pay Per Delete – This is possibly the most straight forward path for a client because negative items are defined and a price is given to remove each one in the analysis. There is a $399 analysis and setup fee, then further costs are determined by the type of negative item being removed. A bankruptcy removal for instance will cost $250 where an inquiry is only $30. A client is responsible for paying these additional fees only after the negative item has been completely removed from their credit report.

6 Month Plan – This is an aggressive approach to correcting numerous issues. It also has a specified end date. Every item on the report is addressed immediately and the goal is to get all negative items off. We can guarantee improvement and the majority of items removed but the time frame may restrict the ability to get every last item removed. We will average at least 80% of negative items gone. The cost is a one time fee of $1,399. $399 is for your complete analysis and setup. The rest is utilized for specific arguments. 

12 Month Plan – If you have over 15 negative items reporting or severe issues like a bankruptcy or judgement against you, this plan might be right for you. Some arguments take a little more time than others. Like the 6 month plan, this has a specified end date. Perhaps you have the vision of buying a home in the next couple of years. Start planning now and it can be a reality. The cost is a one time fee of $2,399. $399 is for your complete analysis and setup. The rest is utilized for specific arguments. 

An in depth analysis is provided after completing your initial documentation. This is 15 pages or more defining the impact that certain accounts have on your report as well as tips to reach your objectives. Being aware of what is on your report is half the battle.

You do have rights and certainly the right to argue against what is reporting or not reporting. Head Start Biz Solutions looks to make you aware of what these rights are and also inform you on how to manage moving forward. As a prime example, being declined a loan and continuing to reapply everywhere can cause long term effects that keep you further and further from your goal. It’s important to know what is on your report, how to read it, and how lender’s look at it to determine qualification or not.

Once you have decided on your plan, please fill in the short form and a series of emails will be sent immediately. Follow the instructions and make sure that you have access to your client portal. As we begin making statements on your behalf, you may receive mail from the credit bureaus. You must be able to take a picture or scan that mail, login to your portal, and then upload. This can be done on a mobile device or computer.

If you have already started your program with us, please use the link below to login to your portal. Inside you can see all activity and results. You will also need access to upload any correspondence received through the mail. Please reach out to your consultant with any questions.

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