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Head Start Biz Solutions is a company that practices what it recommends. Any idea, option, or game plan we help you construct is a path that we ourselves or one of our partners have gone through.

What we do

We listen. We understand. We plan.

Credit Consulting

As humans, we make mistakes or get in tight situations. We aren’t here to judge but are here to help you get back the advantages credit affords.

History Leasing

Get a helping hand up and jump quickly with credit scores. Use a 100% legal tactic and get added as an authorized user to help build credibility.

Business Formation

There are many advantages to owning a business when paperwork is done correctly. We show you what those are and keep legal with your state.

Business Plan

Acquiring loans, raising awareness for seed capital, and keeping a structure to your adventure often calls for an in depth business plan.

Business Credit

A business is it’s own identity. Unlock the full power of it by establishing credit with that identity. Multiply yourself and your opportunity.

Website Development

Having an online presence is vital to any businesses success in today’s world. Make sure you have the right setup, look, and control to continue to grow.

Merchant Account

The number of people walking around with cash in their pocket is shrinking while those plastic cards have been swiping like crazy. Don’t miss out on sales.

Business Funding

Half of the battle to getting the money you need to start or expand is knowing where to go. Let us help guide you through the path of least resistance.


As a business owner, it is extremely important that you know your numbers. Your books need to be up to date and in order to be able to do so.


Employees appreciate being paid sooner than later. Direct deposit is one way to accomplish that. We work to get you preferred rates.

Tax Services

All of our tax consultants go through continuing education and stay up to date with the latest legalities. We help you get the most bang for your buck.

Data Management

The goal of any business is to have more and more clients. It is imperative that information is kept safe and accessible when needed.

Lead Generation

There are a number of proven methods companies utilize to generate attention. We make you aware of what those are and how to take advantage.

Using Consistent Tactics. Solving Big Problems.

We don’t make things up or theorize solutions. We put an honest and direct road map in front of you to achieve your next goal.

Why you matter

A lot of companies want to talk about themselves but we want to talk about you. Sometimes your solution is the same as others but the experience in getting there is unquestionably different. We must understand what we can about you so that we can provide top quality answers to solve your dilemmas.


Stay up to date on business trends and find useful resources and information.

Improving Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a critical financial indicator that lenders use to assess your trustworthiness. Whether you’re applying for mortgages, car loans or credit cards, having an excellent rating can make all the difference in securing favorable terms and interest rates. If building up or improving upon this crucial aspect of finance appeals to you then consider these essential tips:

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The Power of Networking

Networking is an essential aspect of success in the business world, particularly for entrepreneurs. It provides numerous benefits such as gaining valuable insights and knowledge while accessing resources that can help grow a company.

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The Art of Negotiating

Negotiation stands as a cornerstone of business success, a skill that empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the complex landscape of deals, partnerships, and contracts. The ability to negotiate effectively can often determine the difference between a favorable outcome that propels a business forward and a missed opportunity that hampers its growth. In this article, we delve into the art of negotiation, exploring the techniques and skills that entrepreneurs should possess to secure the best possible outcomes in their business endeavors.

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From Our Clients
We do our best to go above and beyond your expectations. 
I had the most amazing experience working with Head start…they exceeded my very high expectations and went above and beyond…and now I have an amazing website to show for it.


Alfred Kelly

Owner, Alfred Kelly Salon

Best business advisers i could’ve asked for! They helped get my business started,provided me with excellent tax services for my company and always made themselves available when I needed assistance with my day to day operations!”

Erika Street-Lawrence

Owner, A Sovereign Place, LLC

I have been doing my taxes at Head Start biz solution for over 7 years now. They have always treated me with kindness. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to do my taxes. They make you feel like you are apart of the family. Always having your best interest at heart. Thanks for always taking good care of me.
Linda Davis

“I’ve been a customer of Head Start Biz Solutions for over 10yrs. As my business has grown, Frankie Knox and the Head Start team have helped me navigate the growth safely and effectively. With so many products and services Head Start Biz Solutions offer, they have become a one stop shop for all my business needs.”


Ronnie Davis, Jr.

Founder, Another Level Youth & Family Services

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Head Start Biz Solutions focuses on preparing you and/or your business for what is to come as well as helping accomplish your goals. We believe that anyone can create the life they vision with the right structure and implementation. We hope to be a helping hand on your adventure in the short and long run.

Completing the brief questionnaire below will give us more insight for how we can turn your ambition into a reality. Once you have submitted, you will be assigned a consultant as your direct contact. That’s right. No 800 number for you anymore. Send emails, text/call, and directly communicate with a human and not a bot. We believe in automating what we can but also know that it takes personal attention to create something truly special.