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Are you really in business if you don’t have a website? This is a sincere question that a lot of customers have in this technological age. A website is the new standard form of validation. Often times the business is the website with e-commerce on the rise.

Head Start Biz Solutions will help you create a unique and professional website that reflects the new. We use WordPress as our development platform for a number of reasons. It has the most options. It is responsive, meaning the site will work on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. It also has a blog component which becomes extremely relevant in today’s battle over content and authority on major search engines.

WordPress is so powerful that it is used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies, musicians, news organizations, fashion and technology companies, and even political platforms. Search notable WordPress users on Google and you will find the link You will most likely recognize a few businesses mentioned and even visit their website regularly.

Getting a website online is half the battle. It is also something that needs to be added to and updated on a regular basis to receive the maximum reward. For this reason, Head Start Biz Solutions spends time training and creating videos to help you gain the ability to maintain further control. We show you how to engage in blogging and how to make simple changes. We give you the power to expand your reach while shedding costs by doing some things yourself.

We aim to complete all projects within 15 days. It is important that emails are replied to in a timely manner so that we can complete the website on schedule. We have created a 4 step streamlined process to make the process as efficient as possible.

STEP 1 – Branding Kit

There are some basic requirements in giving your business a professional appearance. You need a logo. We will have 20 to 30 options created for you where you can select which one you like best. We will then use that to create a design for your business cards, a banner to use for social media, company letterhead, and a flyer. This will give you the essentials to start to get your presence out there.

STEP 2 – Website Mockup

Once we have an initial color scheme and design from the branding kit, we can take that and your input from our 2 page form below to create design options for the website. Similar to the logo we will create a number of options to choose from. Keep in mind that this is an outline. Images and text will be replaced. The key point in this step is the look, feel, and overall flow of the website.

STEP 3 – Website Development

This is where we take the design from the website mockup and make it a functional website through WordPress. We will address the complexities of navigation structuring, e-commerce store installation, contact form creation, page creation, CRM integration, and any other aspects defined in the project scope. The website will be displayed as under construction to the public until you are ready to turn it live.

STEP 4 – Further Customization

You are not required to but spending just a little time getting familiar will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. We are big advocates of business owners maintaining control of their business and we will be creating some videos showing you how to login and make simple changes to your site. This way you can change any text or images that you want. We can record as we work together on the final pieces to go live.

We have a one time fee of $999 to complete a website as described above. If there is additional functionality required, please contact your consultant to complete a further project scope and ensure all components are included in your request. Some requests may require additional plugins and development time to ensure it is functioning as desired. This additional cost can be provided once a complete project scope is in hand. Most businesses will be covered in our defined plan above.

* You are welcome to host your own website on any provider you like. We can also provide a starter hosting account with 2 emails completely free of charge. As you expand or if you wish to increase page speed, we have an option of moving to our bigger server plan at $10 per month.

Once you have paid your invoice, complete this short 2 page form that will give us everything we need to complete your website in short order. 

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