Are you really in business if you don’t have a website? This is a sincere question that a lot of customers have in this technological age. A website is the new standard form of validation. Often times the business is the website with e-commerce on the rise.

Head Start Biz Solutions will help you create a unique and professional website that reflects the new. We use WordPress as our development platform for a number of reasons. It has the most options. It is responsive, meaning the site will work on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. It also has a blog component which becomes extremely relevant in today’s battle over content and authority on major search engines.

WordPress is so powerful that it is used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies, musicians, news organizations, fashion and technology companies, and even political platforms. Search notable WordPress users on Google and you will find the link You will most likely recognize a few businesses mentioned and even visit their website regularly.

Getting a website online is half the battle. It is also something that needs to be added to and updated on a regular basis to receive the maximum reward. For this reason, Head Start Biz Solutions spends time training and creating videos to help you gain the ability to maintain further control. We show you how to engage in blogging and how to make simple changes. We give you the power to expand your reach while shedding costs by doing some things yourself.

Our websites are completed within 15 business days unless there is additional functioning and/or components that need to be added beyond a traditional 5 to 10 page business website. Our standard website development will include:

-Logo Design
-WordPress Installation
-Theme Installation and Customization
-Navigation Structuring
-Contact Form Creation
-3 Blog Entries
-Social Media Linking
-Social Media Cover Photos
-E-commerce Store Installation if required
-CRM Integration if required
-5 to 10 Standard Pages (i.e. About Us, Contact, Services)
-One-on-One Website Management Training
This gives an extremely solid base for the majority of businesses out there but please let us know if you have further requirements that need to be met such as app development or specific functioning not mentioned. We will track you down a quote in short order to make sure you are properly taken care of.

Our standard pricing for your customized website based on what is listed is $1,750. We encourage our clients to help save some costs by providing a business plan. This content helps save time in completing the pages requested and can therefore shed $250 of the cost bringing it down to $1,500.

Let your consultant know that you are ready to get online and we will make it a reality in less than 1 month!

* We require our clients to purchase their domain and setup their hosting. This ensures the client maintains complete control and ownership in all files created and work done. Instructions and resources are provided upon getting started with us.

This also means that Head Start Biz Solutions does not set any restrictions on the number of email accounts allowed or space available. We can show you how to setup an unlimited amount so that you can easily add new employee emails as your business grows.

Website Development
*If you DO NOT have a business plan and need our help creating content please select this option.

Website Development (Business Plan Supplied by Client)
*If you can supply a complete business plan we can use some of the content and save time and money.