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Tax Preparation: We take your life and put it in numbers to maximize your refund. It’s Refund Season! Nobody gets you more money back than Head Start Biz Solutions. We work hard to find every deduction and credit you qualify for, so you get your maximum refund. And, no one can get your refund faster!

Head Start Biz Solutions handles thousands of clients across the nation yearly, from individuals to small and large businesses. We have state of the art technology with secured emailing and electronic signatures where your able to fill out and sign documents from any desktop or mobile device. This is great for military, merchant and government employees. We also offer bank products for clients so that they don’t have any out of pocket upfront fees.

Audit Protection: Stay Protected! We have secured agreements with an A rated insurance company to back the $2,500 reimbursement promise in the event of a tax preparer error.

We are now working with a nationally licensed third party administrator and insurance agency with significant experience. We have expanded our market by providing access to the tax reimbursement benefit in all states.

We deliver the most comprehensive audit assistance available – anywhere.

Protection Plus Audit Assistance is here to offer you, the tax preparer relief of audit headaches while at the same time giving your customers peace of mind knowing that someone is on their side should an IRS audit arise.

– Works Federal 1040 returns, Schedules A, C, and E.
– Pays up to $2,500 in penalties, interest, and tax liability should a legitimate preparer error occur.
– For more information visit Advantages to the Tax Preparer.
– Assists with denied EIC to help get unfunded returns funded.
– Offers Tax Debt Relief Assistance.
– Handles ITIN W-7 Rejections.

Everyone’s situation is a little different so please fill out our “FREE Assessment” and our Tax Services department can follow up to make sure that you receive the service that you need.

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