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Head Start Biz Solutions has a passion for helping individuals and business owners save time, money, and energy. If you feel the same way, we have multiple opportunities to partner with us. We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

Affiliate – This program is great for a blogger, advertiser, or anyone that works with people that wants to be rewarded but does not have the desire to be in sales. We set you up with your own custom link and provide training, banner ads and more that you can use to get started immediately. Tracking is done in real time. You receive $50 for every lead that becomes a client with any of the services we offer. 

Consultant – Those who enjoy speaking with potential clients and working through solutions should consider a consultant role. Our process is kept straight forward and we provide assistance for any of your clients. As a consultant you are assuming the responsibility of keeping a relationship with the client, but also receive higher commissions on sales as well as multiple purchases from the same client. To get started as a consultant, CLICK HERE!

Executive – This is either an earned title for consultants who show a consistent track record of results, or can be purchased to start at a higher level off the bat. An executive receives a greater commission split on each service sold. It is the same work as a consultant but you are paid more. An executive also has the potential opportunity of having leads assigned to them based on their closing ratios.

Partner – A partner can be an earned title based on an executives production or once again can be purchased to receive even higher commission splits. A partner also has the authority to develop their own team of consultants and executives. The team will operate in a remote environment but the partner will receive an override from it’s teams production. Payroll and additional training will be supplied to partners and their team members from our main office.

Monarch – A lot of the work that we accomplish can be done remotely, but conducting business face to face will always help establish trust with potential clients and help close more deals. We have offices opening throughout the nation and would like the opportunity for every business owner out there to come and sit with our consultants. We give you the layout, the process, and the entire business model to act as a branch in our organization. A monarch has the opportunity to collect overrides on their consultants, executives, and partners that they bring on underneath their team. They also act as fulfillment for taxes and in turn are paid much more per tax client. Training is of course provided.

Vendor Relations – Head Start Biz Solutions is open to establishing new relationships with companies that specialize in business to business products and services with a proven track record. Please review our current services and if you feel you can help expand on our objective, which is to create lasting success for our clients, let us know. Please send an email to with “NEW PRODUCT/SERVICE OFFER” in the subject line.

Silent Partner – We come across a number of scenarios in our profession and there are times when businesses are willing to give up equity in their company for the funds that they need. This is an investment perspective, which means risk but high reward potential and we do look to secure all opportunities that come through the best that they can be. Please let us know the types of businesses that interest you and investment capabilities and we will make the connection.

*Everyone in the Head Start Biz Solutions network operates independently in the sense of being a W-9 employee or their own entity but together to make sure everyone is compensated for their added value. We are here to take care of our clients, not get rich off of each one of them. We remain fair, competitive, and look to establish a long lasting relationship.

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