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A Problem Solver

Business Consultant

I am someone who is a liaison and a direct source to people who are trying to either get things going personally and/or business wise. Someone who helps them to continue to grow as well. I know with my knowledge and connectivity to certain aspects of the community I come from, and communities I’ve built a relationship with through my process of life, I provide a substantial amount of value to Head Start Biz Solutions. I’m able to relate on all levels with all different types of people and make everyone comfortable and understand everything that needs to be done. My gift has always been to motivate and enhance my surroundings and I see myself doing the same things working with you and your business.

Credit Consulting

Get your score above 750 and keep it there. We will show you how you can do it regardless of past mistakes.

History Leasing

People are willing to add you as an authorized user on their accounts which will shoot up your score.

Business Formation

We provide a complete corporate kit once a business is filed with many bonuses like operational agreements.

Business Plan

We will write your business plan for you. All projections and market research included.

Building Business Credit

Separate your business from you when it comes to liability. We can show you how.

Website Development

Your business needs to be online to be taken seriously. We ensure you have the best framework and control.

Merchant Account

Most people pay with credit or debit cards. We can get you setup to accept cards or lower your existing rates.

Business Funding

It takes money to make money. Let us know your capital needs and we will help you raise it.


Stay focused on your clients and let us handle the books. It’s important that your books are up to date.


Use ADP services at a discounted rate. Make sure that your employees are paid on time.

Tax Services

Get the most from your personal or business returns. Our tax specialists stay on top of all the changes.

Data Management

Manage your client’s information and marketing tactics all in one place. Keep notes that are accessed easily.

Lead Generation

To be successful, a business must be seen and heard. We have numberous ways to get your message out.

McDonald's Locations

Starbucks Locations

Walmart Locations

Head Start Locations



Reduce Your Overhead

Head Start Biz Solutions can show you avenues to cut costs in your operations. We can look to restructure existing debt, assess merchant accounts, and dissect other important variables. Any money saved is money earned when it comes to business.

Grow Your Sales

Customers are what allow you to succeed or fail. It is vital that you establish credibility and have a way to consistently generate attention. We help you develop an online presence and establish exclusive lead generation campaigns.

Increase Your Odds

Ensuring your business and personal financials are in good order creates ample more opportunity to expand when you are ready. Having good personal financials is also often times a determining factor towards someone launching their business or putting their dreams on hold for a little while longer.

Maintain Productivity

Time is crucial and as business expands, it is vital to put systems in place to help you stay focused on the most important thing, your customers. We strongly suggest using technology to stay on task and help simplify your life. Spend your energy on what keeps you successful and not being lost in the mundane paperwork of billing, customer management, and other.

Overcome Obstacles

There are always challenges on the road to success. It is vital that you prepare your business for the future unknowns. We help you seal every crack and even rebuild foundations if necessary. 

Conquer Your Dreams

People’s visions become reality everyday. What you don’t see is the years it took to get to where they are now. Stay focused, strategize, and work every day towards reaching your goals.

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I have been a tax client with Head Start Biz Solutions for 5 years. I recently started a janitorial business and received all the guidance I can ask for from their wonderful consultants. I recently began to restore my credit with Head Start , after a very tough battle dealing with identity theft, the results were outstanding. In less than 60 days I have begun to rebuild my life by applying for a new credit and being approved. Something I thought would never happen. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance. You guys will have my family and I as client's for a lifetime.

Jessica H – Virginia

Head Start biz solutions has been a god sent. I started with the taxes being done for my business in 2017. At that time i wanted to expand with another location for my staffing agency but didnt really have the extra capitol to do so. Needed to hire contractors to build everything out and equipment as well as furniture, As of today Head Start has helped me get 156k in business lines of credit to get all the necessity i need to get my new location up and rolling as well as emergency reserves. Thank you so much and i look forward to see you guys next yer for tax season.

Michael L – Virginia

Thank you so much Head start for all that you've done to help me restore my credit and walking me through buying my very first home! The team work with in the company from the consultants to the actual OWNER jumping in to assist with a game plan speaks volume! Thank you so much.

Brittany P – Georgia
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