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Amazon is one of if not the fastest growing companies in the world today. An interesting fact is that none of their customers can pay cash to order items. In a virtual world, everything is done through credit cards and debit cards. Most retail storefronts experience most people paying with cards. It is not as common to be carrying large sums of cash on you these days.

There are pros and cons to using either option as a customer, but the point is that as a business, you need the ability to accept credit cards and debit cards or you are missing out on a large market. Business owners who take this idea adamantly have also found themselves now accepting even Bitcoin as a form of payment. The more options the customer has for payment, the less excuses they have to not pay you.

A merchant account is what you setup in order to process these types of transactions. The most publicized out there are Square and Paypal right now. They do make invoicing and taking payments easy, but they also have a fee close to 3% per transaction. They are definitely not the leader on rates and also have restrictions on certain industries.

It’s important to understand the flow of the money and ensuring you are paying the rates that you expect. Often times Merchant Account Statements can be misleading. Head Start Biz Solutions is ready to review your current setup and see who can potentially cut your rates. The only thing we will need is your last 3 months statements. We can also help you setup your first account and make sure you are getting the best rates possible if you are just starting your business.

Saving .5% may not seem like a lot, but when you have success and are processing $1,000,000 in sales on a monthly basis, that is $5,000 a month or $60,000 a year in additional costs you are paying by choice. Looking into even the small details is smart business practice.

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