History Leasing

When it comes to credit, history is what shows and individual’s or businesses’ ability and responsibility of paying back their debts in a timely manner. This is an extremely important factor when it comes to lending. In the simplest terms, someone with 20 years of credit history, compared to someone who has only 2 years, will have a much easier time obtaining what they want or need. They have proven over a lengthy time that they are responsible.

The chances are extremely high that if you are looking at this page, you have a goal. There is always a reason that someone looks to make themselves look as financially responsible as possible. It can be an interest in purchasing a home, getting a new vehicle, starting a business, child custody, getting a new job, and so many other options.

When you look into history leasing, it is vital to understand the qualifications in achieving your goal. Some objectives may require 3 revolving and 3 installment accounts. In funding, the amounts offered will vary based on the size of the existing tradelines. Most real estate transactions require at least 3 accounts and a 2 year history. This is a tactic used to help fill in the gaps.

Tradelines are accounts that are established with vendors that offer a line of credit or loan to you the consumer. These could be accounts at a department store, credit cards, student loans, home mortgage, auto loans, or other types of personal loans. They can also be established underneath a business EIN and Dun & Bradstreet number. This means that the reporting is not showing up on your personal credit and rather the businesses credit. The longer the history of the account and the greater the dollar amount, the more value that is added.

So the question becomes, what do you have reporting? If you do not have many things reporting, adding Authorized User accounts can increase your credit up to 150 points in very short order. This is a legal approach and often times used with married couples. Those who play it most strategically can position one another higher in order to get the best rates. Others don’t have a partner or there might be issues with both credit reports.

Head Start Biz Solutions is here to step in and give you those same possibilities. We can help you track down the best tradelines needed to accomplish what you need. We can supply revolving and installment accounts. These Authorized User accounts will last for 3 to 6 months on your report and then fall off. This is why it is considered history leasing. The point is to use them to obtain what you need and continue to move forward on your own.

For this approach, we will request a copy of your tri-merged credit report and a greater understanding of what you are looking to accomplish. For further assistance on where to go in this direction, if you do not have a copy, please visit our Credit Consulting page.

The cost is $950 per revolving account and $900 per installment account on your personal account. Business accounts fluctuate and we ask that you speak with your assigned consultant to get an exact quote.

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