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Thanks for taking the initiative in wanting to truly engage with clients and help them and their business grow from every angle. At Head Start Biz Solutions, we have a learn as you earn mentality and do not expect you to know everything just starting. We are here as support and offer direction and guidance every step of the way. If you have internet access, the desire to learn, and the willingness to follow a process, we will do everything we can to help you reach your desired goals.

Unlike an affiliate, a consultant has the ability to earn commissions multiple times off of each client. This means that you have an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars by establishing just one relationship. Our fulfillment departments ensure that all work promised is delivered and the client is kept happy.

A consultant is also provided additional resources compared to an affiliate that makes the management and flow of client data seamless:

– Unique business email address
– C.R.M. access for maintaining client information
– Access to online tools for marketing
– 250 Business cards
– 25 Flyers, 25 Brochures, and 25 Folders
– Head Start Polo
– Personal Webpage
– Personal Chatbot
– Training manual and training videos on processes and selling products
– One-on-one training
– Weekly conference calls
– Additional resources for presentations

– Must have internet access (All of our systems operate online. A cell phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.)
– Must cover initial setup fee ($499 – All custom items will be ordered and setup)
– Must cover ongoing monthly maintenance fee ($199 – This will be taken out on your first payout every month or invoice if you are inactive during the month. A consultant will be locked out of accounts if the maintenance fee extends 30 days past due.)


There are not set hours and you are not required to attend meetings or conferences. We highly suggest that you do get involved as our objective is to help, but you control when you work. As long as you are following our process for submissions, you are free to put in as little or as much time as you would like.

If you are not ready to jump in with both feet right now, we encourage you to first sign up as an affiliate by CLICKING HERE. It is completely FREE to sign up as an affiliate and we do provide a discount to affiliates who have created results and are interested in upgrading to a consultant.

To get started, simply fill out our contact form and mention that you are ready to become a consultant. We will make sure that the right representative contacts you in short order to answer any questions and help get you set up.

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