Business Plan

The business plans we create are professional, detailed, and include all required contents. Each plan will include the following sections for your business.

Executive Summary
The Financing
-Funds Required
-Investor Equity
-Management Equity
-Board of Directors Composition
-Exit Strategies
Overview of Organization
-Registered Name
-Commencement of Operations
-Vision Statement
-Mission Statement
-Organizational Objectives
-Organizational Values
-Founders and Management Team
Strategic Analysis
-External Environmental Analysis
-Industry Analysis
-Customer Profile
-Competitive Analysis
Key Strategic Issues
-Sustainable Competitive Advantage
-Basis for Growth

Marketing Plan
-Marketing Objectives
-Sales Forecasts
-Sales Assumptions
-Marketing Strategies
-Product Marketing
Organizational Plan
-Corporate Organization
-Organization Budget
Financial Plan
-Underlying Assumptions
-Financial Highlights
-Sensitivity Analysis
-Source of Funds
-Financial Proformas
-Break-even Analysis
-Business Ratios
-General Assumptions
-SWOT Analysis
-Critical Risks and Problems
-Reference Sources
-Expanded Profit and Loss Statements
-Expanded Cash Flow Analysis

  Here are a few business plans we have done for other clients as a reference.
Real Man Design, Inc. | Vultaggio, LLC | Pockets, Inc.


Our business plans will be completed within 21 days. You will receive a long and short version to use at your discretion. The longer version is to give a detailed description of the business so that when you have questions or feel that you have become off track, you can easily look at your plan and get back to your goals. The short version is to give a guide for you to follow by. It also works great for possible investors and lenders who are not willing to read through 30 to 50 pages. They prefer the meat and potatoes summed up in 6 to 10 pages. The total cost is a one time fee of $999.

Need a proposal instead? The primary reason for a business proposal is to solicit or develop a business opportunity. Proposals are business ideas presented to a potential customer or partner, or they may be answers to requests for proposal submitted to your company by a potential client. They are limited in scope to a particular project or need. A business proposal also generally has a specific audience. They follow essentially the same format as a business plan but anticipate questions the potential client might have.

A proposal can be completed within the same time frame as the business plan, being 21 days, and also the same one time cost of $999.

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