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Your Business Should Be Operating As A Stand Alone Entity!

One of the main reasons a legal business entity is established is to separate the liability of the business from the individual. This same concept should expand into funding, however the majority of business owners are still using themselves as the personal guarantor to secure funds. Why is this?

The only conclusion that we can draw is that there is simply a lack of knowledge or information on the proper steps to take. This is where Head Start Biz Solutions can help. We work with you one on one and walk you through the steps so that you can qualify for what you need without having to attach your personal credit. 

The process is the same for every business regardless of the owner’s personal credit or the length of time in business. Older businesses have a slight advantage in number of options but the time frame to complete remains the same. Once your company qualifies as a stand alone entity, all other types of financing become available without having to insert your social security number on the application.

Imagine having vehicles solely in the companies name. Imagine having property solely in the businesses name. The opportunities are limitless as long as your business is creating results.

Within 4 to 6 months, your business will have around $50,000 available through lines of credit. That amount will continue to increase as more and more offers are sent your way.

You are getting availability of money in short order and keeping to your roots of separating your personal liability from the business. Not to mention you are also increasing the value of your company overnight. Selling your business is always or should always be a potential exit strategy. Would you rather buy a business with established credit or one without? It can be as simple as that.

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