The chances are good that you have heard of someone blogging, but what does that really mean? What is the value that is created? Why do people do it?

Head Start Biz Solutions helps you answer these questions. We suppose you can start with the tale of Matt Mullenweg and the idea of allowing people to interact through a website which is WordPress. Bold, creative, and was listed on Forbes most influential individuals for the direction of the internet. The concept of interaction soon became a necessity when ranking on Google and other search indexes. Those with more recent information and actual people communicating means the site is more real than something that has been sitting the same for years.

If you haven’t caught on yet, content is king. The more words that are written, the more powerful your website becomes. The other major benefit is that when done properly you can target key phrases to achieve higher rankings. Why do you think major news sites show up all the time when you are searching for something?

They spend millions and millions of dollars every single year just on creating content. They pay their writers. They add their stories through a blog. And guess what else, the majority of the websites are built through WordPress.

It’s not possible for everyone to compete on the same scale but it is impossible to cover every subject that exists in the world. This means that there are plenty of topics on products or services that are not being addressed by them. Knowing this leads you to a couple of things. The first is that the direction of the internet is content, you need to add more and more or you will be left behind. The second is that there is opportunity to rank higher on Google and get your website noticed.

Keyword Research: The process of discovering key phrases, their search volume, and the possibility of achieving first page rankings. This is how you discover the topics to write on that can generate the greatest return in the future. When you are first getting started, you look to achieve rankings with lower competition.

Another avenue to use blogs to your benefit is displaying them through social media. Information is the driver and the right details may just land you a new client. You can point people directly to your website to read further, which in turn allows them to see all of the other features on your website.

We are happy to help you set up your blog and provide one on one training on how to get the most out of it. We can even ghost write the articles for you. If you are not doing it now, you need to get started. You will keep dropping in visibility as more and more of your competition does.