Affiliate Program Development

An affiliate is someone who acts as a promoter for your company. There is only so much that you as an individual can do yourself. This is why when you start a business you look to hire on employees to fulfill certain tasks needed to complete the delivery of your product or service. Without an intent to replace yourself from certain responsibilities, you are really setting yourself up for failure. The business is you and there is no way to really grow.

By building out an affiliate program, you are delegating the task of lead generation to others. Send me your referrals. Do you know anyone else that might be interested in taking advantage of our services? This idea has been promoted from a sales perspective for years and years.

The difference with having an affiliate program of your own is that you are rewarding the individual for bringing a new client to you. They earn a certain amount of money when someone becomes a client or makes contact with your company. Each program is structured a little differently but the goal is the same thing; you pay for results.

Thanks to technology, the tracking of all of this information can now be automated. You can literally have hundreds of people promoting your site and it takes the same amount of time to manage as if you had 10. Another great feature is that affiliates are paid by 1099. Meaning they are an independent contractor and there is no salary. They are paid purely on production, also called commissions. So once your program is established, it does not cost you anything extra to have as many employees as you want. That is an unbelievable opportunity that all business owners should be taken advantage of.

How It Works: We create a platform by creating and adding functioning to other pages on an existing website. Once created, an affiliate simply needs to go to a link and can sign up directly through the site. When an account is created and signed into, there is a dashboard for the affiliates activities and to obtain promotional material. Inside the back office, it will show the affiliate real time clicks, real time purchases and/or form submissions, provide banner ads and creatives to copy and paste, and more. Everything is kept within your website and complete oversight exists by logging into your dashboard.

Restrictions: There are some industries that do not allow the ability to pay an override to an individual for referring a client to you. These are usually businesses that require a special licensing to offer a product or service to a client. The other restriction from our perspective at Head Start Biz Solutions is that the website must be built through WordPress to make the affiliate program function properly.

Cost: We charge a one time fee of $500 to incorporate and develop an affiliate program on your website. We will include a few banners and creatives to start as well as training videos on how to maintain control and oversight.

Imagine having hundreds of people posting your business on their social media accounts. This is now a reality and not going to cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to make a reality. It is a strategic approach in sharing the wealth. Let’s discuss your business and how an affiliate program might make sense for you.

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