Any sales or marketing professional will tell you that what worked years ago may no longer work today. In this day and age, it is all about lead tracking and lead management. These two elements are known to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and establish authority.

Prospects are introduced to your company through lead sources. Social media, search engines, referrals, events, and commercials are all examples of reliable marketing channels. Meanwhile, CRM software, granular data, UTM settings, and other ways can be used to manage lead sources.

Read on to discover more about lead sources today.

Defining a Lead Source and Maximizing CRM Software

Prospects are introduced to your company through lead sources. If a lead discovers your company via SERPs, then search engines and SEO strategies are your lead sources.

When tracking and managing leads, avoid combining their sources and strategies and use CRM software. Lead sources generate leads, whereas lead methods link you with potential customers.

If you call a person who found your website via a search engine, the search engine is your lead source, and calling them is your lead approach. Lead procedures make use of lead sources and bring potential consumers closer to your business

Understanding Every Type of Lead Source

Business leads come from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Cold Calls

Using cold calls to offer products or services makes for fantastic sales leads. Curiosity makes cold calls easier to push through the sales funnel than other leads.

  • Emails and Newsletters

Despite the rise of digital marketing, lead generation through direct mail remains popular. Postal mail lead generation occurs when a promotional letter or postcard is received.

Every email newsletter you send is a commercial opportunity, whether you buy or build your email list. Email newsletters help to retain customers who have stopped purchasing. These consumers are also regarded as leads because they have the potential to become future revenue sources.

  • Networking Events

Trade shows, seminars, and networking events are great venues to meet new people. New contacts who may be interested in your products and services.

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC increases SERP rankings without relying on SEO. PPC is often thought of as acquiring fresh leads, making it an effective source of leads.

  • Search Engine

Search leads who visit your website are potentially useful. Organic traffic is measured by the SERP click-through rate.

  • Social Media Platforms

Social media, like search engines, may enlighten internet users about your company. Utilize social media to market new items or discounts to attract clients.

  • Referrals

Networking event attendees may know others who need your products or services. In that situation, they may be able to suggest your company. When a friend expresses interest in your products or services, current and previous consumers may purchase them as well.

  • Website Links

An SEO strategy includes the use of authority. You might start ranking high enough in search engine results pages for other websites to link to you. Each relationship has the potential to develop prospects.

  • Website Listings

SEO can assist in increasing traffic to review sites. The amount of people that see your adverts improves the quantity of prospective customers. 

Lead Sources and Lead Generation

Lead sources are tied to lead production. Lead source attribution indicates the channel that generated a lead. The more you attribute your lead sources, the more you will be able to assess their performance. With this information, you can target the most successful lead-generation sources.

Lead sources, regardless of credit, commence lead production. After a lead has been routed to your website or content by a source, you may use bounce rates and screen time to qualify them. After qualifying leads, outreach can begin in the hopes of converting them.


Now that you know more about lead sources (and how to make the most out of them), it might be the perfect time to take the next step. In these modern times of marketing and online businesses, executing the best lead techniques may take you far. As such, get to work and see the best results! 

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