In pursuit of the American dream, many people end up striving for one goal that always makes itself clear early on: starting a business.

Regardless of what industry you’re tapping into or what passion you’re cashing in on, the idea of starting a business will always present itself as an essential one if your goal is to gain financial freedom. If you live in Virginia, consider yourself as one of the luckiest people in America because the state itself is rated as one of the most conducive environments to start your own business! 

With all this talk about starting businesses, let’s move on over to our topic for today: everything you need to know about starting a company in Virginia.

Why Old Dominion?

While Virginia has been credited with being the home of our great nation’s foremost presidents, it’s also a melting pot of opportunities for businesses to start strong and achieve success.

Over the years, the Mother of States has set itself apart from other start-up cities in the USA to the point where starting your operations means that you’re putting yourself ahead of the game. In fact, looking at the details and figures confirms just how pivotal starting your company in Virginia is because of the various experiences that growing and established businesses have had.

According to Scott Cohn’s “Amazon had it right: Virginia is America’s Top State for Business in 2019”, CNBC deemed Virginia as the top state for start-up businesses. This position was determined after following a methodology that weighed and compared the quality of every American state’s workforce, economy, infrastructure, technology and innovation, and a host of other factors. Considering that these factors (and all else that is associated with them) are vital for the growth and traction of a business, there’s no better place to set up your start-up!

What do you need to know?

As intimidating as the idea of starting a business can seem, considering the right details and following the right steps can go a long way towards ensuring your success. To help you get started on the right foot, here’s a brief step-by-step guide that you can stick to as you grow your new company and thrive in the right direction:

Step #1: Lay down your foundation

When we talk about laying down your business foundation, we’re pertaining to two key steps: writing a business plan and choosing the right structure to base your firm on.

Business plans are one key component of your business’s long-term success that you shouldn’t overlook because they help outline what you need to get results, where you need to be, and what you should achieve. On the other hand, business structures are another critical part that any business should work on because it sets the pace for what you need to accommodate and account for as you start your operations.

Once you have both your business structure and business plan in place, you’ll be able to move forward and make your dream company a reality!

Step #2: Naming and registering your business

Now that you have all the necessary details and information in your hands, you can take your operations a step further by naming and registering your business.

Considering that naming and registering your company will go a long way towards establishing its legitimacy, it’s vital that you stay patient and mindful of every key requirement and opportunity along the way. To ensure that you get the right name and documents, you should consult the State Corporation Commission website while you’re at it! 

Step #3: Tighten up and put everything into action

Once you have registered your business, you’ll need to start your processes and tighten everything up with a few more inspections and tests to help ensure that you’re ready to move forward smoothly. If you want to ensure that you don’t run into any inconveniences along the way as you start your business, enlisting Head Start Biz Solutions’ help will make it easier to hold your financial processes down!


When it comes to starting your own business, there are different steps and factors that you’ll need to consider before you start selling and reeling profit in—but it helps to set your sights on what matters. Through this three-step guide’s help, you’ll get to take care of the most important factors that will heavily contribute to your business’s success from the get-go!

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Taking control of your finances is crucial to your business’s commercial success. Unfortunately, it can be a daunting task to do so, especially when you look into all your duties and responsibilities. That’s why outsourcing your accountancy may be a solution to consider, and any misconceptions you currently hold should be further clarified to ensure you can make well-informed decisions. 

This article will discuss three common debunked myths about outsourced accounting. Take this as an opportunity to become more responsible about the choices and views you have as an entrepreneur. This way, you can get the professional services you need to keep your operations smoothly running as you address your customers’ demands. 

Myth #1: I don’t need outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services. I can do it myself! 

Many business owners often begin to do their own bookkeeping and taxes, meaning they gain relevant experiences in accounting. It may also be a matter of spending extra money on services you feel you don’t need, especially if you haven’t run into any significant problems with your records and financial assets. But what you fail to understand is that it can actually hold your operations back, mainly in the long run. 

Since you are the owner, accounting is not the only aspect of managing your business. You may even be wasting valuable time and effort, resulting in a depreciation of your overall profits due to time-value analysis. While it may also be useful to learn some accountancy skills, it’s not a sound practice to go about it yourself as it can leave your records with plenty of errors, whether you go paperless or not. 

Outsourcing your accounting can help you keep a watchful eye on your records and profits. You even gain the ability to solve relevant problems with an experienced financial professional. In the end, you can become more mature with your career development and learn to either manage your finances yourself or have someone else do it for you. Whatever your choice, outsourcing is the ideal option since it grants you more flexibility. 

Myth #2: My business model is too complicated for an outsider to understand, meaning it’s not worth it to have outsourced accountants look into it. 

There seems to be an ongoing belief that outsourcing accounting professionals won’t be helpful. It’s due to a mismatch between the conventional means of making profits and the newer ones, like a tech startup with complex ownership structures. Many often blame it on the rigidness of the finance industry. However, these views are only founded on false information. In fact, outsourced accountants are the best choice for your business. 

Since they are like an independent third party, these accounting professionals won’t shift their biases and data to make your corporation look good. They are concerned with absolute transparency and finding ways to make the current cash flow work better for financial stability. In other words, you will have a fresh perspective on your assets and liabilities, allowing you to adjust accordingly and maintain a financially healthy business. 

Myth #3: Devising a new accounting system can be labor-intensive and unnecessary. It’s best if I hire an outsourced accountant who doesn’t make any significant changes to it. 

It can be tempting to fall back on manageable, traditional accounting systems to ensure all your records and profits earned can be calculated quickly for your convenience. The problem is you may be restricting your business’s capabilities to regulate its financial health and stability, which, if left unchecked, can lead to major losses. That’s why you need to have an accountant look into it and consider advanced finance software and modern-day systems. It may take a few hours to set up and learn, but the long-term benefits are worth it. 


Having a grasp on your finances is essential, but you don’t have to go through it alone. You can hire outsourced accountants to help you. You just have to find the right expert who can address your needs. Remember all the previously mentioned debunked myths, and stay informed to keep your business going! 

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