Creating a business plan may seem like something you do for business school, but the truth is it’s a must for small businesses. If you don’t do it, you may have a difficult time boosting your productivity due to the lack of insight, clear direction, and professional development, even though you get your operations running. If you are still aren’t convinced, you should continue pondering it as we delve deeper into it. 

This article will discuss three reasons why small businesses like yours should always start with a business plan. Take this as an opportunity to have a firm grasp of tried-and-true strategies to achieve commercial success with whatever niche you choose. This way, you can avoid making costly mistakes and fair better than your competitors. 

Reason #1: You need a business plan to acquire a loan and build a significant line of credit

Banks and angel investors would never dare put their money on risks that they know won’t amount to anything. So if you bring up to them that you are an aspiring small business owner and need them for building business credit, you can forget about acquiring any loans from them. 

The reality is businesses can be challenging to get going, especially as the economy continues to experience difficulties. Therefore, you must prove to people, like financiers and other businesses, that you have something worthwhile. That’s why you need to backup your business aspirations with proven research, forecasts, key financial statements, and the like. 

With the right business plan, you are showing loan providers that you are worth their time and money. It means you will have an easier way to build up your enterprise since you don’t need to start from scratch, like using your savings and selling valuable assets. Your business plan can even pull in interested shareholders, allowing you to have an established team early on, giving you the edge you need to compete. 

Reason #2: Business planning encourages faster growth 

You may think that you don’t need a plan for your small business because all you need is hard work. After all, it may seem that foreseeing your cash flow, marketing model, and the like are just wasted efforts due to lack of expertise and data. But in reality, that’s not the case, especially for businesses that are just starting. 

According to a business study, companies with business plans tend to grow faster than those without them. It means that while you may think you don’t need a plan now, it can be something you will need eventually, especially once scalability becomes part of the picture. 

Business planning can even reduce falling into economic risks, like bankruptcy or legal trouble through copyright claims. As such, you must think carefully before moving forward with your small business without the necessary preparations.  

Reason #3: Business planning provides a solid foundation for prioritization 

While it may seem manageable to begin a small business, you can expect complexities to complicate your operations further, leaving you confused and concerned about your assets. For instance, you need to navigate your sales and revenue strategies and ensure it’s the perfect fit for your business’s expenses. 

With proper business planning, you can master prioritization and have a clear direction on your enterprise’s next steps. This way, you can avoid the lull moments of feeling lost and progress further into your entrepreneurial journey. Eventually, you will even get to a point where your small business grows into a medium-sized or large corporation.


Business plans are not something that you should overlook, especially as a small business owner. Now, you have a better idea of why that’s the case. You just need to ensure you have all the resources necessary to begin business plan writing. Remember all the formerly mentioned reasons and start brainstorming!

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